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How the Internet Has Changed Doctor-Patient Relationship Management

patient relationship management

In our last post we wrote about how the introduction of the Affordable Healthcare Act (ACA) is going to impact wait times for medical care. This week, we’re looking at another aspect of how the environment is changing for doctors and their patient relationships – this time largely thanks to the availability of the Internet.

Managing Longer Wait Times with Relationship Marketing

relationship marketing, patient relationship management, healthcare marketing, marketing, healthcare business

The primary purpose of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is to provide access to healthcare for all Americans. As it happens, the millions of new patients who are going to enroll in the healthcare system are likely to cause wait times for medical treatment to increase significantly, which of itself could get in the way of improved access. A holistic approach is vital if your practice is going to survive the change and flourish in the aftermath. 

Make Every Employee a Patient Advocate

Make Every Employee a Patient Advocate

Once upon a time, marketing was a separate function—one not too many healthcare practices engaged in. It was often considered a luxury and the first expense to get cut in tight economic times. Now, healthcare marketing is almost a misnomer, and it has become part of daily operations in the medical field. To survive in the increasingly competitive U.S. medical practice environment, every member of your team needs to focus on deep patient engagement. 

Relationship Marketing: The Key to Success for a Healthcare Business

Relationship Marketing  The Key to Success for your Healthcare Services resized 600

Medical practices have been doing relationship marketing from the beginning, even if it isn’t recognized as such. In healthcare services your relationship with patients is an all-important factor in retaining them.

How to Use “Guerrilla” Tactics in a Medical Marketing Strategy

How to use guerilla tactics in a medical marketing strategy

We’re always looking for a new way to put some zing into healthcare marketing strategies, and the concept of guerrilla marketing holds promise. It’s particularly good for small organizations, which describes so many medical and related healthcare practices. It’s really just a new way to approach the issue, but we think it could be exciting for 2014 as medical practitioners implement the Affordable Healthcare Act.

How Patients Are Using Online Reviews


We recently wrote about the importance of "getting your digital house in order," including claiming your profile on online review sites. A recent survey of 4,500 patients emphasizes just how important online reviews are to patients, and delves into how and why patients are using review sites to research doctors. The study was conducted by medical software resource Software Advice, and finds that:

Medical Practices: It's Time to Get Your Digital House in Order!

digital footprint

It’s a digital world now, there’s no escaping the fact. The transformation of everything from business through networking and even dating from the real world to the virtual world means it’s here to stay. Anyone who doesn’t have their digital house in order leaves themselves open to being ignored at best, being ripped off at worst. What are the important things you need to do to establish an effective digital footprint for your medical practice that serves you well, brings you patients and builds your reputation?

Inspire Your Staff to Provide Exceptional Patient Treatment

Inspire Your Staff to Provide Exceptional Patient Treatment

Inspiration. It’s the basis of mankind’s achievements since the beginning of time. It was the force that drove Hippocrates foundation of Western medicine practices, and it’s the reason why most healthcare practitioners decide on a vocation in medical services. In your practice, however, your patients are likely to come into contact with your employees even more than they interact with you, and if your team doesn’t have the same inspiration and love for the medical field as you, they could be jeopardizing the success of your efforts.Teach your employees to love your field of medicine, and they’ll become patient relationship management stars who extend the same love and care to your patients.

So - You've Got a Great Medical Website, but It's Not Performing?

healthcare marketing strategy

Just having a great website is not enough to bring in new patients. Yes, we agree that it’s an essential aspect of medical marketing, but simply having one doesn’t mean anyone is going to see it. And even if they do, what are you doing to keep them coming back, time after time? Do they even remember the name of your practice and/or website after the first visit? If your website is simply the starting point, what can you do to beef up performance and bring patients through the door?

4 Ways to Avoid Getting Bogged Down in Your Medical Marketing

Getting Bogged Down in Your Medical Marketing

Medical practices are increasingly recognizing the value of marketing their brands and services. It’s simple—the more people you reach, the more patients you can help. It doesn’t happen by itself, however, and medical practice marketing positions are springing up all over the U.S. as the economy slowly starts to right itself.

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