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Brand Strategy: 5 Packaging Principles for Your New Product


Raleigh graphic design   Packaging resized 600The success of launching a new product on the market is influenced by the effectiveness of the packaging. When you bring a new product to market, you compete against established brands. This makes it essential for your brand identity to stand out amongst the clutter of existing brand packaging, in order to connect your customers to your brand. A good design agency will give your brand strategy an edge, by focusing on such areas as:

  • Visibility
  • Differentiation 
  • Versioning
  • Reassurance
  • Product Delivery

Making it visually special

Your product’s visibility among its competitors relies absolutely on making the packaging look special. One way a graphic design agency might do this is when you bring a new product to market is through “boutique” packaging, such as moving from traditional boxing to rustic, green packaging. Chocolates wrapped in recycled paper and tied with organic raffia are taking the confectionary industry by storm, and creating the perception that the luxury product can still have a natural, environmentally-friendly footprint!

Your product is different from others, 
or you wouldn’t be selling it!

So, the role of your brand strategy is to make it look different. According to research, 64% of Americans are drawn to products that are color-coded. When you bring a new product to market, chances are good that wherever your product is stocked and sold, your competitors’ products will also be available, and retailers generally merchandise their stores according to category. Work with your graphic design agency to identify the colors used in the packaging of your competitors’ products, and make sure your packaging stands out when it’s grouped together with similar products.


For products that have several incarnations, it’s important that your brand strategy highlights each version clearly in the packaging design. Ask your graphic design agency to create a packaging concept that lends itself easily to various different versions, either by the use of color or similar, progressive graphic elements. The last thing that customers need is when you bring a new product to market is to have to hunt all over the package for information on the version they are buying, or to get home and find they have purchased the wrong one for their needs.


Customers need reassurance that the product they buy will do what the advertising claims it will do. Get your Raleigh graphic design service to review your market research and make sure the design plays into who your target audience is, their likes and dislikes and the issues that are important to them. Identify any “hot button” issues and make sure these are addressed in the packaging. For example, an electrical product might need a safety reassurance on the packaging, to ensure that customers don’t have a chance to experience doubts when they are considering making a purchase.

Product Delivery

When executing your brand strategy, make sure your graphic design agency understands your customers’ expectations about what the product will deliver. These need to be addressed directly in the packaging they design. When you bring a new product to market and your customers change from their old product to your new one, they bring with them a set of expectations. These are often deliberately created by the product advertising, and the packaging must measure up to the expectations – as the product must. The expression “judging a book by its cover” is particularly relevant in this instance, because the product’s performance is judged to a degree by its packaging.

If you’re in the process of compiling a brand strategy for a new product and need help designing your packaging, our graphic design agency can help you. Click here for a free, 60-minute consultation with a business marketing consultant to find out what we can do for you, or download our 10 Tips for Hiring a Graphic Designer.